What is APUS App?

APUS is a new launcher for Google android that assurances to improve the phone experience. This program will help you quicken your unit, personalize your screen, and find out trending software. Despite functioning out of China, APUS has already received more than 40 million for downloading worldwide. Even though the company is normally located in China, a lot of its for downloading come from the ALL OF US, India, Brazil, Latin America, and South Asia. The APUS app can be purchased in over 100 countries and is also now the most used launcher on the globe.

APUS launched its earliest launcher at the begining of July of this year and now has above 35 mil users in the world. It was originally produced by a Chinese company and operates out of China, but claims that less than 10% of its downloading originate in China. For that reason, APUS has become available in more than 200 countries worldwide, and has been utilized by users in South Asia and over and above. Moreover, APUS is lumination and adds personality to your Android phone.

In addition to the APUS Launcher, APUS also includes a number of useful features. The APUS Search utility makes it easier to find article content and other components. The APUS Adnger zone lets you discover popular programs in your area. The aptus Picture software allows https://itfunclub.org/default-browser you browse and discuss your chosen wall documents. This is a community-driven computer software, and is a great way to personalize your phone.